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Why shopping at Beaux Tie Designs is different
than shopping anywhere else in the world.
In every other instance we have come across, stores and organizations promote that "A portion of the proceeds" go to breast cancer foundations. This is admirable and we applaud every group that does this. But at Beaux Tie Designs, we feel that we can do much better. For example, just how much do you feel a part of the breast cancer solution if you eat a yogurt, save the top, send it to a large food company then THEY will donate ten cents? Or other stores on the Internet - are you certain that some of the money you spend is going towards breast cancer relief, or are you simply hoping that it will go that way? And how much is really getting donated?

At Beaux Tie Designs, we want you to be part of the solution, feel like it, be thanked for it and get the tax benefit for it. That's why 15% of the total of every sale at Beaux Tie Designs is actually a donation that you are making, not us! Every time a sale occurs at our website, 15% of the amount you would pay us, goes instead to the Arizona Institute for Breast Health (learn more about them by clicking here...) either in your name, in honor or in memory of another.
How shopping at Beaux Tie Designs creates a donation.
a.k.a. "Why are there two charges on my credit card statement?
From an income tax perspective, you cannot receive the benefit of a donation unless you are truly making the donation, and not us. Therefore, we have spent an enormous amount of time on our technology to create a seamless integration between us and the institute. When your purchase is completed, the portion of your sale that is a donation is actually charged directly by the Arizona Institute for Breast Health, not us - the portion that remains is charged by us Beaux Tie Designs as you would expect. Please note - the charge appears on your credit card statement from ME3 Inc, our parent company. It will not say Beaux Tie Designs.

You can see every step of the finance by reviewing your transactions both at our website and on your invoice. First, let's look at an example transaction where someone purchased a "United We Stand" pin. In the following image, you can see the one item purchased, the shipping and sales tax charges applied (the purchaser lived in Arizona) to create the total charge for the order.
A little further down on the transaction you can see the payments applied to the transaction. This is where we can see that 15% of the amount of the "United We Stand" pin became a donation to the Arizona Institute for Breast Health, but was applied to your transaction as if it were a payment against the whole amount.
At the end of the transaction you can see that the total of the payments applied equal the charges on the order and therefore the balance due on for this account is $0.00.

Switching gears to your invoice now, you can see at the top of an invoice how two payments were made using a Visa card and the amounts that were charged. If you print an invoice from the site, it will be in black and white, when you receive your invoice from us it will be in color as shown. As you can see, there will be two separate charge lines on your credit card statement - one from Beaux Tie Designs and one from the Arizona Institute for Breast Health.
Finally, at the bottom of your invoice you can see that your intentions were carried out as you requested. In the image below, you can see that the donation was made in your name. Alternately, if you had asked us to make the donation in honor of Jane Smith rather than in your name, then that is how the donation would be processed and how the invoice would show it.

Well, that's about it. If you have any other questions about how this process operates or if you would just like to say hello, please click on the "Contact Us" links seen throughout our site, or click here.
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